Awesome IDE for Apache Kafka

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux

Unlock Apache Kafka

Kafka IDE is the tool to achieve more doing less

Download and use

You don't need to deploy or install anything else.

It takes very few minutes from downloading to start visualizing your Kafka topics.

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Multiple environments

You can connect, manage and visualize any Kafka installation.

It doesn't matter if it's running in your laptop or remotely in the cloud.

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Smart schema inference for easier queries

Kafka IDE lists all the fields you can query from your topics by running a smart schema inference on a sample from the topic or by querying your schema registry.

Whether you use Confluent Schema Registry or just plain JSON records, we've got you covered.

Offset positioning

Apache Kafka time travel mechanism using offsets is very powerful, but dealing directly with consumer groups can be a tedious and error-prone task.

Kafka IDE lets you choose the time window that fits your query the best.

Stay safe

Secure end to end data transfer

From the Kafka cluster directly to your laptop.

Your data never leaves your VPN or network.

Read only connection

Avoid human mistakes by enabling read-only access. Very handy when connecting to production clusters to debug issues.

Secure credentials

Credentials and connection configurations are safely stored in your computer.

Visualize and manage Kafka with ease

Transform your experience visualizing and managing kafka. No more kafka-console-consumer. No more terminal.